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The Zodiac Series: Book Six

When you're a threat to the powerful, the powerful will threaten you.


I was left to rot in the human world. Not the way for a demon to live the last days of their life. When Lucifer's ruling body brought me back to Hell, I hoped it was a second chance. Home. Where harpies harass pedestrians out of spite. Where magic rules. Where demons can't die. And where I can lead rebel cells against Hell's rulers.


Turns out, petty politicians aren't willing to let an 'enemy of the state' like me live peacefully. Framed for murder, they practically accused me of bringing about Armageddon. I'm not even capable of getting a date! But when they set me up for a battle to the death against the last demon I ever wanted to fight, they stooped to a new low.


I wish I could say that was the last of their surprises, but I'm terrible at spotting sucker punches. And those cheaters were wearing brass knuckles. Now, I need to decide to fight back or be beat down for good.


Only idiots make enemies of demons who can set the human world ablaze with the flick of a finger. Thankfully, I'm not that smart.

What happens when you stand up to those who want you dead? It's time to find out.

Virgo's Vigilantes I Urban Fantasy Novel

What Readers Say


Sating has been the master of character development throughout the series.

Goodreads Review

Stakes get higher, consequences more severe, the scale more epic. Things are truly never boring in this world.


Paul Sating has created a unique vision of the Underworld while populating it with a relatable characters. I truly enjoyed following Zeke (the ONLY demon without magic) on his quest to bring one of the most powerful demons back to the Underworld. Will he bring Aries back to face his fate? The real question is, SHOULD he?


I cannot express how much I love this series! Mr. Sating is absolutely amazing. The creativity, the humor, the development of characters, world-building, and the flow of his novels are enthralling!

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