An Epic fantasy novel series & audio drama. 

It is said, that steel wins a man his crown, but it is his skill at treachery that helps him keep it.


In Allidor, men scheme, fight and die to for the right to wear the Crown of Thieves.

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"Empowerment through candor" is the calling card of this raw expose on the writing journey. Paul started the show as an unpublished writer hoping to become published. Along the way, he did publish and began interviewing other authors about the very real struggle of life & writing. If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to be an author or if you want to pick up some life skills along the way, tune in!

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Created under the maxim that "all that is lost must be found," Subject: Found weaves masterful stories around our legend and lore. As a season anthology each 10-episode season will feature one monster from our past, and take listeners on one epic journey. Regardless of your preference for cyrptozoology, lore or legends you'll enjoy this fascinating ride. 

Julie Macklemore disappeared from Olympia, WA in 2013. Her body wasn't found for two years. This is the story of her life ... the story of us. ​

Why do we hurt each other? What drives a person to do "evil"? What would make a person kill? Each episode we explore the diary of a person who would do the very things we think about when no one else is around. Peer into the mind of a killer with each episode, each season.

YOU woke up one day not knowing what happened to her. The mysterious narrator tries to help YOU understand the moment that changed her life. At the end of each episode of this Patron-only audiodrama, Patrons get to choose the next step in the story!

40% of the world's population has disappeared and no one knows why. Set in the fictional Tri-Counties the news and stories covered by the wacky KUSA 9 News at 9 news crew will make you laugh while shaking your head because, deep down, you know there are far too many nuggets of real-world truth in this clever satire comedy. Come one, come all, for every silly belief and example of poor reasoning makes for a great storyline. Will the crew ever find out what caused the apocalypse? Will they ever find a way out of the Tri-Counties? Will Jake ever get a clue?

Family Portrait

**COMING** Every family has secrets but some family secrets kill.

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