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An Urban Fantasy Series by Paul Sating

Are you looking for action-packed urban fantasy with snarky characters? Do you want paranormal journeys with plenty of magic and snarky humor that will make you see Hell and demons in a brand new light?

Jump into the Zodiac, and root for the guy (demon) who can't catch a break.

The Fall of Aries

In the beginning...
There was good.
There was evil.
And the fate of all held in the balance.

Bitter Aries

All demons have magic. Except one.

And that's just the beginning of my troubles.

The Horn of Taurus

No good deed goes unpunished.
Especially when you work for Lucifer.

The Gemini Paradox

Who needs luck when 'bad' is the only kind you have?

Cancer's Curse

War is hell.
Especially when no one has your six.

The Pride of Leo

When everything has been taken from you, what do you have to lose?

Virgo's Vigilantes

When you're a threat to the powerful, the powerful will threaten you.

Libras Liberation

Banished to the edge of the supernatural world and left to die. A hero rises.

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