When immortals battle, humanity suffers. Great magic is wielded by demons and angels in an eternal struggle for the fate of the world.

Series: Rev Carver Series, The Zodiac Series.

Urban Fantasy | Paul Sating


An Urban Fantasy Series by Paul Sating

Are you looking for action-packed urban fantasy with snarky characters? Do you want paranormal journeys with plenty of magic and snarky humor that will make you see Hell and demons in a brand new light?

Jump into the Zodiac, and root for the guy (demon) who can't catch a break.

The Zodiac Series | Urban Fantasy
The Zodiac Series | Urban Fantasy
Angel Assassin | Urban Fantasy Series
Angel's Creed | Urban Fantasy Series


An Urban Fantasy Series by Paul Sating

All he wants is to die. Too bad he’s immortal. Rev Carver is Heaven’s Grim Reaper, demon hunter, and assassin. If it means getting dirty, he’s the man for the job. From biblical behemoths to monsters of lore and legend, Rev has his hands full. But taking out Hell’s newest candidate for the seat of Lucifer is his primary mission.

What happens when Heaven and Hell collide? Find out in the Rev Carver Series