At 8 years old, Paul knew he wanted to create stories for the rest of his life after winning his school's 2nd-grade creative writing contest. 

His military career took him away from his writing passion for two decades, but after leaving the service he has become a whirlwind of fictional doom, creating more stories than should be humanly possible via books, short stories, and podcasts.

As of December 2019, Paul was living his dream, with 5 books (4 fiction, 1 nonfiction) published and hundreds of podcast episodes of all varieties, stories out in the world, with over 1 million downloads from around the world. It's truly humbling.


Paul Sating thrives on telling and sharing stories. No matter the genre or category, if it's a good story then he's reading it, sharing it, or telling it.


His current books are darker, thrillers and horror, but 2020 and beyond will feature Paul's range as he begins releasing his fantasy work to the world.

He hosts a podcast for writers and authors called Horrible Writing and a storytelling podcast called Audio Fiction.


Hailing from the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, Paul urges you to check out the various offerings he has to share with the world and hopes you'll enjoy the adventures he's created for you.

© 2020 Paul Sating Productions

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