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At 8 years old, Paul knew he wanted to create stories for the rest of his life after winning his school's 2nd-grade creative writing contest. 

His military career took him away from his writing passion for two decades, but after leaving the service he has become a whirlwind of fictional doom, creating more stories than should be humanly possible via books, short stories, and podcasts.

As of May 2020, Paul is living his dream, with 7 novels, 2 novellas, and a nonfiction book published and hundreds of podcast episodes of all varieties, stories out in the world, with nearly 2 million downloads from around the world. It's truly humbling.

Paul Sating thrives on telling and sharing stories. No matter the genre or category, if it's a good story then he's reading it, sharing it, or telling it.
His current Urban Fantasy series is The Zodiac, which is planned to be a long series about Ezekial Sunstone, the only demon in the history of Hell to not have magic. You can read more about The Zodiac Series here.

He hosts a podcast for writers and authors called Horrible Writing and a storytelling podcast called Audio Fiction.

Hailing from the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, Paul spends his time searching for creatures and monsters people claim don't exist.

Paul Sating | Urban Fantasy Author

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"Keep Being Epic."

- Paul Sating

What Other Writers Are Saying...

"Paul Sating takes the urban fantasy demon trope to the next level in his Zodiac series of novels. By expertly building a believable cosmology filled with unique and interesting characters, he skillfully draws the reader into a world where 'good and evil' are a matter of perspective. Add in an instantly relatable protagonist, and you have an urban fantasy series worth sinking your teeth into. Definitely deserves a top spot on any UF reader's TBR list."

- M.D. Massey, Bestselling Author of the Colin McCool series.

"Paul Sating has a unique talent of creating complex and entertaining characters who leap off the pages, taking on a life of their own. As you read, you can’t help but worry about them, laugh and cry with them. The world-building is detailed and original. His stories are quick-paced, and have a perfect blend of suspense, humor and action, that makes it hard to put them down until you turn the last page."

- N.M. Thorn, Author of the Shadow Enforcer series.

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