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Urban Fantasy | Fantasy
Urban Fantasy Novel | Paul Sating

In the beginning...
There was good.
There was evil.
And the fate of all held in the balance.

From the moment Aries first opened his eyes, he saw things differently than other immortals. While they positioned and maneuvered for power, he kept the peace. While they were driven by their own desires, Aries fought for the voiceless.

While Aries peacefully governs the Fifth Circle of the Underworld, other forces are at play in Hell. Peace is never eternal. Beelzebub terrorizes settlers on his way to becoming the Prince of Demons, while Aries fights for the powerless.

It is a huge mistake.

Stripped of his greatest magical abilities, he has to find a way to stop the destruction of all he loves. Greed and corruption drive the Underworld toward oblivion, and only he can correct its course.


Can Aries save the Underworld from itself while also saving himself?

Fantasy Novel | Paul Sating

Blood in the sand.

Heliran Andel is the greatest warrior Olma-Ka has ever seen. She has liberated her people from the Walled Ones. She faced down the feared Scorpion Riders who terrorized the desert.

Now she faces her greatest struggle: how to stop a power-hungry ruler from bringing war to her people.

To change the course for the people she loves, Heliran must do the one thing she doesn't want to do.

She must sacrifice her family and claim the title of Paramount for herself.

Fantasy Novel | Paul Sating

The world refused to help her.
So she helped herself to the world.

Yuni wouldn't become a victim to fate until she was shunned for having strange powers she didn't understand.

Stopping a group of thieves from robbing local merchants earned her coin and respect she desperately needed, but it also created enemies.

And now those thieves want her to steal the most precious magical item in all of Allidor.

If she agrees, she might live to see another day. If she refuses, she'll need to rely on her blossoming skills and power she can't control or her next meal may be her last.


What do you do when neither path is the one you want to take?

What Readers Say

Cheyenne B.

As a beta reader for this book, I got to read and give my feedback on it before it was released. Now that it has been, I can say that it's FANTASTIC!
I love when a fantasy world is real and gives the characters real choices to make. Choices that aren't good, but are necessary for survival and might change the way characters live from then on. And that's exactly what happens in this book.
If you want an awesome, tightly packed punch to the gut, wrapped up in awesome character development, you should read this book!


A beautifully developed, exciting world of magic, mystery, and determination

Paul Sating has truly found his calling in writing fantasy. Yuni's character was a heroine worth rooting for. The world of Allidor came to life through Sating's beautiful descripton and rich details. A page turner that had me lost in Allidor from the first scene.

Erica S.

Birth of a Thief is just the fix you need if you’re craving a new fantasy adventure. Yuni’s journey is exciting and a fantastic introduction to the world of Allidor. There’s action, strong lore and world building, an interesting cast of characters, and a desire to know what happens next. If fantasy is you’re genre then I can’t recommend this one enough.

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