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The Zodiac Series: Book Three

Who needs luck when 'bad' is the only kind you have?

The only demon without magic is no longer the sole badge of dishonor Ezekial Sunstone wears. He can also add the title of Hell's only murderer to the list.

If working for Lucifer has taught him one thing, it's that solace can be found in the bottom of the bottle. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a side-order of chicken wings. At least his magical-yet-mysterious halberd hasn't deserted him.

Ezekial finds himself scouring the Circles of Hell for a missing demon named Gemini after Lucifer's Council suspects angels of doing the unthinkable. The more he untangles webs of deceit, the more political games ensnare him.

Robbed of really good drinking time, he must discover if Gemini is alive or dead. Before he can do that, he has to deal with an angel-shaped problem that promises to change his life for eternity.


Do good deeds really go unpunished?

The Gemini Paradox | Paul Sating

What Readers Say

Tim F.

Wow! Just when I thought the world couldn’t get any bigger, Gemini comes along! Introducing the newest sign of the Zodiac, I thought I knew what this new mission from Lucifer’s Council was going to be about. Heading back to the Overworld, this time in Germany, Zeke, I can call him that, I think, and Ralrek face twists and turns and a BIG reveal. I loved the surprise twist to one of the main characters. But it was the return to Hell that held so much drama. I barely had time to catch my breath. Thrilling, fast-paced, a huge battle with massive implications, and a shock turn. This is the freshest urban fantasy I’ve ever read. Bring on the fourth book! Definitely recommended! Buroker, Butcher, Silvers fans will love this ride!

Goodreads Reviewer

I'm hooked! Sating just keeps getting better and better, his third being the best yet! ...

The story itself is quite entrancing: more secrets to unlock with Creed, mysterious cloaked assasins, an unearthly war! There's cliffhangers everywhere! I can't get enough of Sating's Underworld and Zeke's adventures. Bring on Cancer's Curse! 

Candithe B.

I cannot even begin to describe how I am totally enthralled by this series! I just finished the third installment and I’m just amazed - I keep expecting to find something to complain about, to validate the normal 3rd book expectation of something boring but NOPE - not happening. Instead it just keeps getting better and better.

Antonia H.

And it keeps on giving. This is such a good series where there is so much attention to the finer details that great a whole world to immerse myself in. It’s a can’t put down kind of read where you eagerly await the next plot twist and you are smiling the whole time because of a very relatable character, despite him being a succubus.

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