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The Zodiac Series: Book Seven

Banished to the edge of the supernatural world and left to die. A hero rises.


Hell’s savior. Its one great hope. Yep, that’s me.

I fought back against Beelzebub, stood in the face of tyranny, and even stopped murder and mayhem. No good deeds go unpunished.

Immortal no longer, I’m in a fight for my life, and Hell’s leaders have handed the cheat codes to my enemies. Beelzebub wants to get even. And my magical halberd still refuses to grant me the power I’ll need to win the day.

Decision time. Lie down and accept my fate, or punch death in the face?

Libra is the key. He’s mapped travel routes throughout the supernatural world that could hand power back to the everyday demon. If I can get my hands on his maps, I could change the course of history.

The problem? He’s rotting away in an untouchable prison. Another victim of Hell’s rulers.

Rescuing him may prove to be the most important mission I have ever undertaken. I could save the immortal realm and stave off a brewing battle between demons and angels. All I have to do is overcome an army of powerful magic users, protect secret rebel groups, and somehow negotiate a tenuous peace treaty with Heaven.

Just your everyday-last-gasp effort to save everything I cherish.

A war within. Am I ready to be the hammer of justice Hell needs?

Libra's Liberation | Paul Sating

What Readers Say


Once again, Paul Sating has pulled me into a fast paced Underworld/Overworld adventure with heart and humor that readers of Urban Fantasy and Jim Butcher will love!

Goodreads Review

They say you can’t keep a good demon down, or should that be ‘bad’? Either way, it’s always fun following Zeke as he stumbles his way around the underworld battling the powers that be just as much as his own emotions.

Goodreads Review

This book is well written as always and again I find myself gutted to have to wait for more.
If you have read the others in this series then you’ll definitely want this one or if you are new and want a good read with a different view on Angels and Demons, go back to book one and read the lot, they’re worth it.

Goodreads Review

Really enjoy the Zodiac series, and this [book] does everything that I was hoping for in an entry in this series.

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