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The Zodiac Series: Book Zero

In the beginning...
There was good.
There was evil.
And the fate of all held in the balance.

From the moment Aries first opened his eyes, he saw things differently than other immortals. While they positioned and maneuvered for power, he kept the peace. While they were driven by their own desires, Aries fought for the voiceless.

The All might be eternal, but peace wasn't. The drums of greed beat underneath the rule of Lucifer. Sometimes, Aries thought he was the only one who could hear them.

While Aries peacefully governs the Fifth Circle of the Underworld, other forces are at play in Hell. Peace is never eternal. Beelzebub terrorizes settlers on his way to becoming the Prince of Demons, while Aries fights for the powerless.

It is a huge mistake.

Though he would rather spend time drinking wine with his friends and playing his lute, Aries is better at making enemies. Stripped of his greatest magical abilities, he has to find a way to stop the destruction of all he loves. Greed and corruption drive the Underworld toward oblivion, and only he can correct its course.

The cost of salvation is high. Will he pay it? 
Can Aries save the Underworld from itself while also saving himself?

The Fall of Aries | Paul Sating

What Readers Say

Tim P.

A really good start, so good I bought the rest of the series currently available. A retelling of angels and demons origin that left me hungry for more. Can’t wait to sink into book 1.


Go back to the beginning, to the creation of everything... demons, angels and humanity itself. ...

The Fall of Aries adds further depth to a very brilliant series, highly recommended.

Hilda B.

Great read in this very original story with wonderful characters.

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