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The Battleborn Trilogy: Book Two

Rageborn. Fireborn. Battleborn.


He’s fought strange beasts. Hunted for ancient treasure. Battled undead alongside a paladin and the most powerful mage of a thousand generations.

Still, Gaeron is unMarked. Bound. Denied freedom.

Mercenary armies march on their defenseless village. In the enemy’s lair, Gaeron and the party must ally with an arcane kobold and half-orc bard to have any hope of saving themselves and their home.

But the desert never yields.

It’s a race across an unforgiving landscape with a ragtag band. Beat the army to Olma-Ka and they’ll save the village. Fail, and everything they treasure is lost.

The undead king wakens. Mercenaries slaughter innocent villagers. Betrayal abounds.

Freedom forgotten, Gaeron yearns for one thing—justice. He’s out for blood now. A brother’s blood.

Rageborn | The Battleborn Series

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