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The Battleborn Trilogy: Book One

Two brothers. One lie. A tangled destiny that may shatter their people.


Gaeron Andel is blood in the sand. A champion of the people. A principal burned into him by his dying mother. He follows her path, the way of the warrior.

Gaeron upholds Heliran Andel’s honor as he seeks freedom from bondage. His treacherous brother spits on her memory in search of his own selfish glory.

With steel, Gaeron protects those who can’t protect themselves while Nevilan Andel claims an undeserved title and casts family honor aside.
Fighting to earn his freedom. A usurper in the fold. A threat from within that menaces their people.

Pitted against what is true and what blood in the sand demands, Gaeron must decide between loyalty to his brother or to his people.

Can treachery grounded in shame be washed away by a brother’s blood?

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