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The Battleborn Trilogy: Book Three

The undead wake. One warrior stands in their way.


Gaeron Andel is a Freed man. A life’s dream, achieved. Yet, he cannot rest. The undead threaten his home. Its hardened people face the unthinkable.

When an army is raised to march, they set a course of no return.

A people’s greatest warrior. The most powerful mage ever known. A gentle paladin. The champions of a desperate people.

Even as the heroes face the unknown, a rot sets within. Ever the outcast, Nevilan Andel is not his brother. He seeks what he is owed, and will stop at nothing to get it. Even spilling a brother’s blood.

While one brother fights to the death against an ancient evil, the other fights to usurp the seat of power a second time.

Can Gaeron break the undead and save his home before his brother’s bloodletting begins?

Battleborn |The Battleborn Series

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Battleborn | The Battleborn Series
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