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War Of Bones: Bonebreaker Trilogy Book Two

When there’s no turning back, you can only march forward. Even into death.


Gaeron Andel is Olma-Ka’s greatest warrior. A hunter of the undead who terrorize his home.

The march to rout the undead extends into a mystical realm, revealing a tarrying secret. An ancient magic still lives. Before the champions can destroy the Desert King, they have to kill the mage whose spell breathes life into the skeleton army.

Across the sands, Nevilan Andel positions pieces to regain his power over those who shunned him. On the verge of losing everything, he must act to change his fortunes or lose them forever. Destiny waits at the end of a blade.
A mighty warrior. The most powerful Olmarian mage in history, and a paladin best friend. An army of vengeful warriors. Together, they must battle an evil beyond imagination.

To save the village from his brother, Gaeron must first win the war of bones. Even if he survives, will he be in time?

War of Bones | Bonebreaker Trilogy

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