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Breaker Of Bones: Bonebreaker Trilogy Book Three

The dead king has woken. Death marches.


Gaeron Andel is free. He won the war of bones. Yet, all is not well. He still lives in the shadow of his brother’s shameful betrayal. And now, the Desert King marches on Gaeron’s home.

Nevilan Andel bought liberation with a blade. Trust earned, he now has mercenaries at his disposal. It’s only a matter of time until he takes back what is rightfully his.

The gods imbued Gaeron with the strength of a hundred warriors. He is the people’s greatest champion. Yet, he cannot stop this evil alone. Untapped magic might change the outcome of the battle.

The choice to bring a brother to justice or defend his home against the Desert King’s forces isn’t a choice at all.

Blessed with the power to break, can Gaeron save instead? Before all is lost?

Breaker of Bones | Bonebreaker Trilogy

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Breaker of Bones | Bonebreaker Trilogy
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