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Hexed Heroes Saga: Book Three

The exciting conclusion to the trilogy! To rebuild the world, she must first destroy it.

The long-awaited climax of the trilogy unfolds—a world on the brink, teetering between ruin and redemption.

Cursed. Cast out. Haunted by the anguished echoes of the ghosts of innocents. Tired of searching for allies, Thornbane takes the war to her enemies whose hunger isn't for land. They want something far more chilling. A secret whispered in screams that reverberate across the baronies. Even if she has to stand alone, she'll stand bravely in the face of the Sisters of Ash. A daring assault against the heart of darkness.

Cities burn. The air thickens with chaos. Dynasties crumble. The witches terrorize the land with their unnatural army of beasts. Baronies have fallen. The king has ignored calls for help. The people face the worst nightmares imaginable. When the world trembles and no savior emerges, heroes must rise.

As blades clash and magic collides, the fate of the world hangs by the thinnest thread. The innocent and helpless fall. As the defenseless are swallowed by the maelstrom of supernatural creatures, Thornbane races against time to rescue those on the precipice of despair.

Time has run out to depend on others. To save herself, her legacy, and her people, Thornbane must call on her greatest magic.

End the curse, or strike at her enemies to have a chance to forgive? She's got one chance. Will she give up the thing she desires most to save those who’d want her dead?

The epic conclusion to the Thornbanbe Trilogy beckons—a breathtaking crescendo where every choice carries the weight of a world torn between salvation and oblivion.

Thornbane the Free | Dark Fantasy Series

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