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Hexed Heroes Saga: Book Two

Death didn't kill the curse.

When Thornbane killed the witch usurper, she dared to believe she'd ended the malevolent curse that shattered her crown. Little did she see the treachery of the people she aimed to protect--cries of “No demon shall rule!” echoed as her liberation turned to ashes.

Betrayal cuts deepest from the inside.

Banished by her own, she must seek answers no one seems able or willing to give. With stalwart companions by her side, she embarks on quests to the ends of the world.

Yet, a new darkness surges forth. The coven has raised an unnatural army. Thornbane grapples with her burgeoning power as hostile armies march. Barons fall. The coven’s sinister plot expands to the most vulnerable. Dethroning barons doesn't seem to be their aim. Abductions abound, weaving a sinister tapestry. A chilling mystery is revealed as young women and girls are taken from their homes.

Revenge becomes an addiction.

While Thornbane searches for allies, a dual duty emerges. The land convulses with horrors. The helpless yearn for heroes. But giving herself to save those who rejected her might cost her salvation.

A duty to protect thrusts Thornbane into a crucible. Can she unlock her magic’s potential in time to rescue countless innocent lives? Will she unravel her own secrets before the witches extinguish her flame of resistance?

Thornbane the Demon Witch | Dark Fantasy Series

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