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Hexed Heroes Saga | Dark Fantasy Series

A Dark Fantasy Series by Paul Sating

A hex cast before her time, Cynn Jade's world has been twisted by those who seek her crown. Cast out by her own, she sets out on a quest to regain what is rightfully hers and make those who took every pay for their crimes. Gritty dark epic fantasy featuring quests, high magic, adventures, and heroes you can't help but root for.

Delve into the world of Hexed Heroes Saga today!

thornbane the lost | Paul Sating

Thornbane the Lost

A curse.

A life disrupted.

A barony in chaos.

Thornbane the Demon Witch | Paul Sating

Thornbane the Demon Witch

Death didn't kill

the curse.

Thornbane the Free | Paul Sating

Thornbane the Free

The exciting conclusion to the trilogy!

To rebuild the world,

she must first destroy it.

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