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War For the Spikes

One of my favorite things about (especially epic) fantasy, is learning a new world's history.

Fact. A (fantasy) world's history is an important part of some of the greatest fantasy stories out there.

So, of course, when it came time to develop the world history of Oltari in my upcoming Battleborn books, I had to throw some history in there.

Writing History

At this point in my author career, I've got my processes down to an (nearly) exact science. I know when, where, and how to channel my most efficient creativity--which is super important when you're trying to publish eight fantasy novels in a single year.

Though I spent last summer writing the first three books in the series (Battleborn Trilogy), most of that writing was restricted to my mornings. See, in the morning, life hasn't crushed me yet. I haven't logged onto social media to uncover how deplorable the world has become. My dog hasn't pooped on the carpet. The caffeine has kicked in, sending my brain down a buzzing path of enlightenment. Yes, mornings are the time to create.

But there's another period of creativity I get in the early afternoon, usually not long after my workout. I blame endorphins. Or the nice weather I had while sitting down to develop Oltari's world history. Or both.

Either way, I'm not going to lie, I could have gone months into writing the history of this world. I found the combination of the heavy fantasy adventure tropes and the political intrigue of the story too appealing and had to stop myself from going further than I (probably) should at this point in the series's history.

Before next week's release of Fireborn, the first book in the Battleborn Trilogy (and first of SIX Battleborn books to come out this year), I wanted to share some of that history with you.

What follows is what is known as the "War For the Spikes." Not only does this war play a part in the past of the people you're going to meet in the Battleborn books, but it also plays a part in their future... hint, hint, wink, wink.

War For the Spikes

Coming from the north across the Spikes Mountains, Thalio Rardark, the builder of the Black Palace, led his Unnamed army south to the settlement known as Borttel.

The Unnamed were from the territory north of the Spikes Mountains, from a region known as Insedar, which they fled because “the winds had changed.” Their people starved as their crops failed.

Many believe that is what ultimately led Thalio Rardark to invade Borttel in the year 324 CC.

The Bortellese, distant relatives of the Olmarians, were great warriors in their past but had grown peaceful over generations. The invasion caught them by surprise.

They knew the Endless Oasis well but could not gain the upper ground on the Unnamed, who had come down through a mountain pass in the secret of the night, establishing and defending an advantageous position.

The decisive battle was the Battle Of Water in 325 CC; a ten-day-long exhaustive fight along the south shore of the Endless Oasis. Both armies were desperate for survival. Battle-weary and worn down by these strange invaders, the Bortellese fell.

After winning this last battle, Thalio Rardark led the Unnamed into Borttel, reportedly killing all survivors, including children, because they wanted no “taint” from Bortellese.

He had the Black Palace built following the wars. Anticipated to take forty years to construct, the stories say it took less than ten as Rardark, now known as the Desert King, used a mysterious magical source to raise it. He ruled from the Black Palace until his mysterious death over a hundred years later.

Some say, his story doesn't end there.

Fireborn is the first book in the Battleborn Trilogy, the first trilogy of the Battleborn Series, and will be released on April 29, 2022.

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