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The Stories We Tell Podcast Story Winners - April 2019

It's time to announce the next set of stories selected for an upcoming episode of The Stories We Tell podcast!

As always, the wonderful NJ Boyer challenged us to develop our writing skill set this month.

The following criteria were used for these works of fiction (less than 500):

  1. Learning is a life-long pursuit. Let's go back to school. Your setting should be an educational facility.

  2. Have your protagonist do something uniquely 'school'. Could be anything associated with education.

  3. Now turn that. Let them do something that you are not meant to do at school

With no further ado, the writers selected to appear are (in no particular order):

Writer Title

Amanda Ward One Word

Kevin Porter Two for One

Rob Harrison Cheat

Sue Baron Knitting Needles and Fireworks

Tiffany Grassman Stories from the Road: Service

William Hensley The Demonstration

Michelle Scissom Untitled

Nathalie DeCock Changes

Kate McGinn Moving In

Natalie Aked Slate

Adina Dumitrache Senseless

Bethanie Rose Smith Bully-Be-Gone

Paul Sating Released

Congratulations to all of the writers selected, and thank you to everyone who participated. Be sure to look for next month's challenge next week! This stories will appear in the September, 2019 episode of the show.

If you'd like a story of yours to be featured on the show, join our Horrible Writing Writers Support Group on Facebook and participate in the monthly challenge.

Originally Posted: April 2019


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