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Going Exclusive

I've made a huge decision for myself, and my future. The Audio Fiction Podcast with Paul Sating is going exclusive! What does that mean? Well, the podcast will be pulled from the public domain soon, and will only be available to my Patrons from that point forward. Not even a free public "preview" version! All gone. Bye, bye! But, please don't worry; if you're a Patron, you'll still get new episodes. They will be longer too! Why is this happening? Time and interest. Podcasting takes too much time away from the books, for too-low of a return. It's simply not worth the time away from writing more books. Books are how I feed myself. I need to write more of them, faster. There are only so many hours in a day and I'm already working 12-15 hours days five days a week, and about 6-8 hours both days of the weekend. A year and a half of seven-day weeks has pushed me to where I had to look at where I invest my time. Until the book biz takes off (if it ever does), spending tons of hours making podcasts for the public just doesn't make sense anymore. Will we still get podcasts? Where will we be able to get it? Yes. Sort of. Patrons will. Very soon, the public show will die a slow, painful death--like us, when the sun expands to engulf the Earth. The show will always be featured on the Patreon feed (so be sure you include the RSS feed on your podcast app, so you don't miss it). The Good News.

Less time messing with audio means more books being written. Yesterday, I launched book 5 of the Zodiac series, titled The Pride of Leo. I also finished the edits for Virgo's Vigilantes, book 6 in the series, this morning! The Zodiac has six more books to go in the series, and I want to get to them. More people care about the Zodiac than the podcast. It just makes sense. Plus, I've got two more series in the works. One is a Conan-The Witcher type of fantasy series. One trilogy is written already, and this month (thanks to not worrying about the podcast anymore), I'll start working on the second trilogy, so all books are ready for 2022--which promises to be my most epic writing year to-date (though the jury is still out on that). After that, I'll be getting back to work on the Zodiac series while planning the spin-off series (that will launch before the end of Zeke's story). Exciting times ahead! Keep being epic. Cheers, Paul

Originally Posted: April 2021

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