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The Stories We Tell - February Stories Announced

It's time to announce the next set of stories selected for an upcoming episode of The Stories We Tell podcast!

As always, the wonderful Natalie Aked challenged us to develop our writing skill set this month.

The following criteria were used for these works of fiction (less than 500):

  • 1. Include your favorite food often eaten in June/July.

  • 2. Your protagonist has a disability that affects the outcome of your story. This could be any disability but should be handled in a positive or unique way.

  • 3. Include a profession for your protagonist. What’s their job?

This stories will appear in the July, 2019 episode of the show.

With no further adeau, the writers selected to appear are (in no particular order):

Writer Title

Amanda Ward Skeleton Wings

Bel Nel Untitled

Bethanie Rose Smith Samsura, Inc.,

Christine Larsen A Matter of Taste

Kate McGinn Court Avenue

Kevin Porter The Strength Unrevealed

Michele Potter Never Too Late

Natalie Aked Finding My Freedom

Nathalie DeCock The Happiness of Food

Paul Sating The True Me

Sue Baron Untitled

Paul Miscavage My Ticket Home

Rob Harrison Terra Risin Are Hoam

Congratulations to all of the writers selected, and thank you to everyone who participated.

If you'd like a story of yours to be featured on the show, join our Horrible Writing Writers Support Group on Facebook and participate in the monthly challenge.

Originally Posted: February 2019


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