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Ready For War

Real-world tragedies aside (and not wanting to be insensitive at all), my 2022 is all about war.

War between brothers.

War between cultures.

War between greed and community.

War between the living and the undead.

On April 29th, 2022, Fireborn will release, and I couldn't be more stoked!

The first of six books to come out in the Battleborn Series, this year, Fireborn will introduce you to a different kind of dark fantasy.

This has the epic fantasy feel (six books, broken into two trilogies) fans of the genre appreciate. Full of battles, blood, and passion, Fireborn will treat you to the world of Oltari as told through the eyes of its people.

Who Are They?

Olmarians are a desert people, the protectors of other Olka-Fa.

They are blood in the sand-----meaning, they believe in fighting for each other over one's self.

Their people are fierce warriors, feared by those wise enough to understand the impact of Olmarian bloodlust.

What About The Story?

Inspired by my love of the old-school Conan the Barbarian stories, combined with my infatuation with newer dark fantasy like The Witcher and A Song of Ice and Fire, I wanted to create a dark epic tale of a different kind while staying true to the elements that attracted me to the genre in the first place.

I didn't want to write another fantasy based on Euro-centric settings and people. I love them, don't get me wrong, but I've always been one to do things a little different (probably explains my podcast failures and books sale levels). So, when the idea behind the Battleborn books first came to mind, one of the first elements I entertained was setting the story in a different world with a type of people you typically don't see in these types of stories. Thus, non-white characters in a desert setting!

And wow, let me tell you, did I have fun in these six books!

Some Of The Same, Some Of The New!

With the Olmarian people, I felt I was journeying into something fresh in dark fantasy, so I ran with it. Their culture is deep and intriguing. Their women rule. Their men (boys, really) are bound at puberty (yes, that means what you're probably thinking), and can only earn their freedom by killing a "significant" enemy of the people. They embrace communal living, in almost all respects (yes, even down to not marrying).

Their land is just as new and refreshing. Gone are the forests and grim cities of many dark epic fantasies (again, it's my favorite genre and I love many stories told in those worlds, so don't send me hate). Their world, instead, is the open desert and tells the story of how these hardened people survive and thrive in it.

Throughout their quests, adventures, and challenges, you'll meet more than just the Olmarians. Not to spoil anything here, but you'll meet the Buk Toh (pale-skinned) people who live in walled cities (or, the Walled Ones, as Olmarians call them). You'll see fantastical beasts and frightening fiends. You may, if you stick around, even see a mysterious kobold and a half-orc bard with an attitude and just the right level of tenacity to let everyone know she's in charge.

When Are The Books Coming?

The Battleborn Series is comprised of two complete trilogies: Battleborn Trilogy and Bonebreaker Trilogy.

They are all available for pre-order on Amazon, and will be released:

April 29 - Fireborn

June 1st - Rageborn

July 1st - Battleborn (concludes the trilogy)


August 1st - King Of Bones

September 1st - War Of Bones

October 1st - Breaker Of Bones (concludes the trilogy)

More trilogies are in the works if these six find a readership. I hope they do. I've enjoyed playing in this world and have many more stories in mind for the people readers will meet.

If you'd like to know more about Battleborn, The Zodiac, or Rev Carver books, sign up for my newsletter and never miss out again.

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