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Announcement! The Stories We Tell Podcast Winners

The Horrible Writing Writers Support Group is proud to announce the winners of the first four Breviloquent Monthly writing challenges!

Each month, group moderator Natalie Aked challenges the group of writers with a writing prompt, complete with a set of criteria (usually 3).

The winning stories in each month's contest will be included in an upcoming episode of the group's brand new storytelling podcast, The Stories We Tell.

With no further adieu, here is the first set of winners:

October: The theme for October was autumn themed. The 3 challenges were to include the phrase "pumpkin spice," include a color of the season, and include a haunting (loose definition).

In no particular order, the winning stories are:

Title Author

Julia Ann Burgess

Untitled Sue Baron

Pumpkin Spice Nathalie DeCock

Fallow Paul Sating

Revelations Natalie Aked

Fall For You Dohai

Untitled Cheyenne Bramwell

November: The theme was have some fun around the annual NaNoWriMo event. The writers

had to include a reference to time, a sentence about one of their senses, and the name of a childhood pet.

In no particular order, the winning stories are:

Title Author

A Boy and His Dog Paul Sating

Untitled Natalie Aked

Untitled Christine Larsen

Untitled Susan Baron

Spike's Time Michele Potter

Traditions Ann Burgess

December: The theme was the holidays. The stories had to be set in December, include a holiday/special event, and had to include a incorrect lyrics from a holiday song.

In no particular order, the winning stories are:

Title Author

Untitled Nicole Rayne

A Christmas Display Paul Sating

December Dreams Michele Potter

The Gift Melinda Murphy

A Knocking Without Rob Harrison

Secret Santa Sue Baron

And, last but not, least, January.

January: The theme was a new year. The stories had to include a new beginning, could not include the words "happy, new, or year(s)," and include some sort of fireworks.

In no particular order, the winning stories are:

Title Author

Monsters and Sounds Amanda Ward

Life, Reborn Paul Sating

Nouveau Depart Kevin Porter

Halcyon Supernova Rob Harrison

Untitled Sue Baron

Outlier Melinda Murphy

I Told You So Jennifer Worell

No Goodbyes Michele Potter

Untitled Rick Coste

Fresh Fireworks Bethanie Smith

Beginning Natalie Aked

Child of Destruction Nathalie DeCock

Losing My Grip Christopher Gronlund

Beginning Nicole Ryane

We want to congratulate every single writer for their selection! The Breviloquent Challenge is a ton of fun and is meant to challenge each writer in their craft. Additionally, the Horrible Writing community comes together to celebrate, critique, and inspire one another. If you want to participate in the monthly challenge and possibly have the chance to hear your story featured on The Stories We Tell podcast, join the Horrible Writing Writers Support Group today!

Originally Posted: January 2019

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