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Brad the Impaler Series: Book One

"A hilarious, balls-to-the-wall, heavy-metal stake fest!"—Matt Dinniman, author of Dungeon Crawler Carl

Engage full-on warrior mode and unleash your inner hero to become the ultimate survivor!

When he accidentally opens a medieval chest that looks like it just fell off the set of Game of Thrones, Brad Wright is thrust into the wildest adventure of his life.

Welcome to Darkworld, a savage survival game where Brad and his sassy Chihuahua, Slash, think they’ve got it all figured out. Brad’s a strategy gamer, after all. Build a shelter, grow crops, forge weapons, and form alliances to escape this nightmare.

Do that and they’ll find their way out of the game in one piece.

But Darkworld’s creators have a twisted purpose. Game guides are less reliable than a rusty sword. An AI is hell-bent on breaking players. There are trolls, goblins, vampires, and worse, off-key bards. Even if Brad gets past them, he has the butchers to contend with. Sadistic people who paid to carve up players like Thanksgiving turkeys.

Brad can’t fail. Dying in the game doesn’t just mean GAME OVER. Fail, and it’s like being flushed down the metaverse’s toilet. Poof! Vanished like a glitchy NPC. What’s worse than being dead? Being erased like you never existed at all.

The rules are brutal. The stakes are high. Success is nearly impossible. Victory means more than loot and leveling up.

Brad the Impaler | Paul Sating

What Readers Say

Bob T.

I've always been a fan of the author's story telling, but in this book he's leveled up, to use a gamer term I don't fully understand. The last video game I played was Pong, on a cathode TV, in about 1975. But that didn't keep me from thoroughly enjoying this book. You don't have to be a gamer to have fun with Brad and Slash.


Brad the Impaler brings a different spin to fantasy genre where Brad a consummate gamer and his dog, Slash, are wept into a real live video game where he is forced to compete in the game or die. The consequence of dying is that he and all his relative would be removed from the annals of history, so he is not only fighting for himself but for all his relations. The one upside is that is dog can now speak and does not hesitate to express his opinions as he tries to hook Brad up with every available female but every word out of his mouth act as the ultimate cock blocker. They, however, make a good team as they rally together to survive the game.
This is a delightful book and I highly recommend it.


Even though I'm not a gamer, Paul Sating created a fantasy world that sucked me right in. The best part? Brad's foul mouthed newly talking Chihuahua! Not only was it fun, but it was also compelling. I loved how Brad isn't playing the now real-life game like a typical gamer. He tries to play it safe, only to find out that he must kill to win-not just zombies and vampires, but other players too--and if you die in the game, you are erased from reality.

This book was cleverly written and I can't wait until the second book comes out! Grab your blanket, your favorite furry friend, and brace yourself for action, adventure, heart, and hilarity!

Rob B.

I bought this because Matt Dinneman’s quote is on it. He wasn’t wrong! It’s awesome. Brad is fun and funny and the author had me at Avenged Sevenfold. Hail to the King!

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