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Rev Carver Series: Book Two

Making enemies is easy. Stopping them from killing you is the challenge.


I’m more than just a Grim Reaper, assassin, and demon hunter. I’m also the target of subterfuge.

With plenty of enemies already, by assassinating the Nephilim who stole the First Bowl of Wrath, I’ve now made a powerful one. But I’m not done. The Nephilim are holding their cards close. Protecting someone. Who? Why? What’s everyone hiding?

The First Bowl released a worldwide plague. Nephilim, disguised as monsters straight out of lore and urban legend, terrorize mortals. And now, I’ve got a bigger problem—literally.

Something is wrong in Heaven’s higher echelons. No one knows why God released His newest version of the behemoth. Yeah, that one. Straight out of the good old book.

Armed with nothing more than my Angelfire magic, trusty .327 Ruger, and charming freaking personality, my next job is to take down the overgrown lizard before it stomps around the world like Godzilla going through a bad detox. In the past, this job required teams of angels. This time, it’s just me.

Oh, and I also need to go rogue and uncover who’s tampering with Yahweh’s plague machine before it’s too late for seven billion mortals.

I’ll have to fight like hell to uncover my enemies’ secrets before they put me on the wrong side of death.

Coming Soon!

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