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I just want to die. Too bad I’m immortal.

Assassin. Demon hunter. Grim Reaper. That’s me. Revelation Carver is my name, being Heaven’s Mr. Fix-It is my game.

Overworked and underpaid, I was busy staking out a demon slated to become the next Lucifer, Ruler of Hell, when yet another job came down from on high.

My challenge to take down the next great Satan is put on hold. The new task? Eliminate a runaway demon stalking Seattle. A minimum-wage task, yet my bosses think it's one for the Grim Reaper. God knows—literally—I don’t have enough on my plate.

What should have been a simple snag-and-kill operation turns my investigation upside-down. Nephilim are involved in the theft of a Bowl of Wrath. Seven wraths to spread suffering and pain across the world. Under impenetrable protection, they should have been sealed away for all eternity.

Now, Earth’s population will pay the price while angels stink of subversion. It all comes down to me. My mystery to solve.

With the impossible now a frightening reality, I’ve got the biggest job of my long life. All I have to do? Stop Armageddon.

Heaven has yet another job for its Grim Reaper. A job I must finish for the sake of all humanity. Failure is not an option, even if it kills me.

Angel Assassin is book one in the Rev Carver series, an action urban fantasy series by Paul Sating. A spin-off of Paul’s Zodiac Series, Rev Carver has everything you’d expect from the massive urban fantasy world he built there. If you like mythology, folklore, magic, badass assassins, and sidekicks with attitudes to go with a dose of irreverence, put this Grim Reaper on your to-do list.

Fans of authors like MD Massey, Shayne Silvers, Hunter Blain, NM Thorn, Kit Hallows, Jim Butcher, John Corwin, and Steve McHugh may enjoy Rev Carver.

Rev Carver Series (In Order):

  • Book 1 – Angel Assassin
  • Book 2 – Angel’s Creed

Angel Assassin Audiobook

  • Format: .mp3

    Single download.

    Run-time: 6 hrs 36 minutes

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