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Demons from hell. Gods and Devils. Unspeakable monstrosities. Humans with a taste for flesh. 

An upscale clothing store in the middle of New York City that offers its customers more than they bargained for.

A prodigal son returns home for his aunt’s funeral, only to discover that an ancient entity awaits.

A town shelters against the first snow, and the evil it brings.

A mad king. A hired assassin. A world in the balance and an eternal force manipulating all of them.

And seven other tales of horror that will forever change the way you experience the holiday season. 

Twelve wicked tales of holiday horror to fill the long, dark nights of the season … with dread.

‘Tis the season … to die.

12 Deaths of Christmas - Personalized Autographed Copy

SKU: 12DeathsPb
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