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Your Mindset Will Save You

What you can accomplish is often determined by your mindset.

Recently, I've experienced two distasteful instances of rejection from the writing community and I could CHOOSE to focus on those back-to-back whammies. But if I did that it would have a negative effect on my mood, darkening my outlook on almost everything (my brain is like that) for a day or two, dragging me into the depths of not actually enjoying this entire writing gig.

Or I could CHOOSE to recognize my part in one instance (I may have scared this author away from coming onto Horrible Writing by the way I tried to sell it to her) while also recognizing I can't control the organization behind the 2nd instance who seemed to have suddenly forgotten how to reply to an email (it's been over a month when, before, they were very responsive).

The fact is, both instances are sucky and generally the same root problem --- not being given a fair chance. It sucks. But it's reality. I COULD focus on how much it sucks and not do myself any favors, or I CAN focus on the positive aspects of creating. I get to share the ideas in my head with the world and those people out there (many of them are YOU) respond, with kindness, compliments, excitement. Why would I choose to ignore those types of interactions?

So, mindset comes down to a choice: waste time on negative influencers I cannot control or interacting with people who will lift me (encouraging me to keep moving forward)?

The choice is clear.

I share this in hopes it will help at least one of you today/this weekend to CHOOSE to ignore the negative & focus on the positive so you can continue being epic.



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Originally posted June 2018


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