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Why Adapt Your Audio Drama to a Novel? And Vice Versa...


19 people have volunteered to be advanced copy readers for my book, "Chasing the Demon," in less than a day from me asking my newsletter subscribers for help.

Me. A nobody. With no book out in the world. 19 kind souls standing by to help me launch my dream.

I'm humbled because this gives me book an advantage the vast majority of unpublished authors can only dream about.

BUT, I'm also posting this here because of the encouraging experience I've had up to this point at the intersection of audio drama and novels.

If you're writing an audio drama or novel, they CAN be adapted for the other. It's a little more work but there are benefits:

  • Reaching a completely new audience

  • Leveraging an existing fan base to launch into a new market

  • Creating more Evergreen content that will help future fans find your other medium (it goes both ways)

I will continue to share my experiences as I take this journey but, for now, I'll simply encourage those of you writing in one of the two medium types to seriously consider adapted works.

Stay tuned!

And keep being epic!



Originally Posted on August 2018

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