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Mindset Is Everything

It's all about mindset.

For the 2nd time since Thanksgiving, I've ruptured my Achilles. This time, I was simply walking my dogs and tripped on an uneven sidewalk.

I spent all evening in the ER & am trying to get into my Ortho today to get the final verdict, but I know my body and, while this may not be a full set back (I feel stronger than when I ruptured it in November) I'm back in a protective boot and on crutches.

I could bemoan the fact that I'm in this situation.

I could gripe and complain about how I did everything right, and was careful during my first recovery period, and didn't push myself too hard and still got re-injured.

I could bitch about the fact that I JUST sold my knee scooter and now have to scramble to find another one--because I have nothing better to do during tax season.

But, that thinking isn't going to help my mental health. And if my mental health (depression) takes a kick in the shin, then everything (including writing) will suffer.

So, I FORCED (yes, sometimes you have to simply make the decision to make yourself do something) to focus on something positive.

This morning, I got up a little more slowly and with a lot more pain (I was walking unassisted, though with a strange gait), but I still took my sorry ass to my writing area and got to writing.

And I finished The Scales, my next horror novel, packaged it, and sent it off to my editor two weeks ahead of schedule.

What Does This Have To Do With You?

HOW you look at the world around you is vitally important. That perception influences everything you do, every interaction you have, and can be the difference in where your journey takes you.

You don't hit your word count? So what?

You get a bad review, an unfair one? So what?

Someone else, who's writing sucks worse than yours, sells more than you? So what?

Are you going to allow that to stop you from being epic?

Absolutely not!

Be mindful of your mindset. Find the tiniest sparkle of hope and promise you can.

For me, literally (besides the fact that I'm alive to write this to you) the only positives I could see when I woke up today was the fact that I have a loving, supportive family & the next project (this horror novel) being packaged up. You better believe I'm clinging to those two positives today as I struggle with the fact that I've just had a major setback that will ensure I'm a prisoner in my own home for another two months, devoid of interaction with the world around me (an evolutionary necessity).

Tomorrow will be better than today but, for today at least, I need to hold tight to the little ray of light I can find.

Are you looking for a ray of light when the world craps down the back of your shirt, smears a little on your face, and laughs at your disgust? No one else is going to do it for you, my friends.

So do it for yourself.

The world needs creatives more than ever and you need to take care of you in order to be creative.

Take care of you. Take the time to see the positives, no matter how small, you have in your life. Keep being epic.

You can read the prequel to The Scales, The Plant, for FREE anywhere you get your digital books. Jump over to Paul's Books tab for links.

Originally Posted: February 2019

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