Something lives underneath the desert.

And it's hunting.

It was a peaceful day filled with thoughts of leaving home for college and poking around a scrap yard outside of town until Serenity Johnson comes face to face with a nightmare. Caught miles away from home when a giant beast attacks from under the desert sands, Serenity barely escapes with her life.

But her fight is just beginning.

With each attack, her despair grows until she finds Patch, the town drunk. He claims to understand the nature of the creature and is willing to help but, at every turn, someone is there to stop Serenity from accepting it.

Tired of being treated like a child and under threat from a secret government agency interested in capturing the beast, Serenity soon finds herself as they key to their plans. Refusing them isn’t an option.

A pawn in a much larger game, there appears to be no way out until Patch offers a solution. If he’s right, Serenity’s life will change forever.

There’s only one way to save everyone in town, including her family, but she will have to give up everything she knows and loves.

Fans of big monster horror will love this frightening tale.

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