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Paul's November Update

Hey Patrons and newsletter subscribers!

Here's November's update on what I'm working on and what you can expect to see in the future.

Let's get to it!

November Rain

When you live in the PNW (Pacific Northwest), you pretty much expect nothing but rain. Which can (yes, I'm trying to talk myself into it! Don't judge me) be a good thing.

How's that?

Cuz you can end up writing one billlllllion books.

Okay, Maybe Not

Maybe not one billion... but I am approaching 1.7 million words for the year... and we still have a week and a half to go before Thanksgiving.

So as a Patron and newsletter subscriber, what can you expect to see from me? Well, let me tell you!

What's Up?

By the time you read this, I'll have closed the book (bwahhahahahaha, I kill me) on Breaker Of Bones, the sixth book in the Battleborn series.

There are six books and one novella in that series, and they'll all release in 2022. Patrons and newsletter subscribers will get the 30,000+ word novella for free! That's nearly a full novel for nadda, except your sworn life-long loyalty. Patrons will also get the audiobook for free. Half of the series is with my editor. Half is ready to get the final comb-through from me. The covers are done. The audiobooks will be recorded over the cold months when I'm stuck inside with nowhere to go. This month alone, I've edited two of the books.

It's been a wild ride, but I really enjoy the intimacy it brings working on so many novels set in the same world.

Coincidentally, I'm excited about sharing this world with you. It's very different from what you know of the Zodiac books. Much more Conan the Barbarian meeting Geralt, the Witcher. The series starts with low magic, in a desert setting. A lot of the fantasy tropes you are used to, but a lot of fresh perspectives. I'll share more, as it gets close, of course.

Patrons, you'll not only get the novella for free, but book 1 as well!

More Than Battleborn

Not only have I prepped all six Battleborn books, but I ordered the next Zodiac book cover. And by that, I mean, book eight. So for those of you worried about what happens next with Zeke and the gang, take faith in the fact that, as long as I don't die, there will be at least eight books in the series. And if you've read the newest, Virgo's Vigilantes, you'll know the stakes are only getting higher and higher. Some readers are still unsure how long the series will go. Some have noticed it's called 'The Zodiac,' and they realize there are twelve Zodiac signs. I can promise you, as long as I draw air, I'll do whatever I can to finish this series at twelve books. Shhhh, don't tell the others. Let them support me on Patreon or subscribe to the newsletter if they want insights. You deserve special treatment.

Not only am I doing Battleborn and Zodiac stuff, but this month, I started working with a cover artist for a new urban fantasy series. A

nd get this... it's related to the world of The Zodiac, but with a completely new story, from a new perspective. The outline is still evolving, but if you're a fan of Zeke and t

he gang, and maybe are looking for something along the lines of the later books in the series, I think you're really going to dig this new series.

December Slows Nothing

Things won't slow down for me in December either.

I'll (if all goes to plan) have some interesting Zodiac news to share next month! And my Christmas shopping list--because you know you're dying to get me those gift cards for all-you-can-eat chicken wings.

Until next month! Be epic!



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