Meet The Production Teams

John McClain is a creative gadabout; a voice actor, an accomplished recording engineer and a sound designer and composer working across multiple genres.  John is the lead sound designer and owner of The Dog and Pony Show, a creative audio shop in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In 2001 he won a Grammy for his work with the late, great George Carlin and in 2010 his work brought him to the small screen as a voice actor, sound designer and composer on the Comedy Central Short series Shmitty, Mcfunkle and Stump. 


When not working in audio he likes to surf and ski with his wife and son, cook paella for his friends and enjoy his time on this little blue marble.

Musician and sound designer James Von Boldt has a close relationship with all things audio. He’s proficient at almost any instrument (including some you’ve never heard of), and his synthesizer, beat programming, and production skills are world class composing in any genre.


James has composed custom music for many noteworthy clients and projects including the world's first "first-person shooter" video game slot machine "Danger Arena" for GameCo,  Aristocrat games, MGM Las Vegas, Kevin Smith Smodcast  and Intel.  


Outside of Dog and Pony, James also self-publishes original music in his band "The Night Stalker" and his DJ alias "Impostor."  James loves the horror genre with a passion and is an avid comic book reader, hard-boiled detective and fantasy novel lover and enjoys a good RPG. 

Meet The Writer

Paul Sating is an author, audio dramatist, dreamy novelist, frustrated producer, and SnapChat legend to his teenager. When not writing twisted fiction for your discomfort, he's can usually be found at his favorite pub, the mountains around western Washington State, or screaming at his television while watching his beloved Liverpool Football Club implode ... again.

Meet Our Musicians!

They've designed the music you're enjoying in Subject: Found and Who Killed Julie?. Did you know they also do their own stuff? Check them out & support those who create the sounds you're enjoying in these episodes. Tell them we sent you! 

Bringing bad ideas to life since 1989. Finally, a band that writes about your favorite horror comics, films, and television! Beware The Night Stalker!

Jon-Erik DeGuzman, aka "Zaiaku"


One-part musician, one-part sound designer. Jon-Erik DeGuzman aka "Zaiaku" is an audiophile with a deep passion for music. He started dj'ing and writing his own compositions over 10 years ago. His sonic signature has developed throughout the years scoring local theatre, publishing music through labels such as TITAN RECORDS, ABDUCTED LTD, AND KILL YOUR EGO and was recently awarded second-place in a composition competition for Adam Audio in 2017. 


When he isn't expanding his library of sounds and techniques as "Zaiaku," he plays video games like Final Fantasy and Nier Automata and watches Animes like FLCL and Cowboy Bebop.