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Books In Series

Book 1 - Bitter Aries

Book 2 - The Horn of Taurus

Book 3 - The Gemini Paradox

Book 4 - Cancer's Curse

Book 5 - The Pride of Leo

Book 6 - Virgo's Vigilantes

Ezekial Sunstone is the only demon in the history of Hell to not have magic. He'd love nothing more than to find a job and pass his free time flying under Hell's radar. 

But Hell's rulers have plans for him; plans that will take him through all the Circles of Hell and even to the realm of mortals. He'll find runaways, uncover devious plots, and even enjoy the mortal delicacy known as chicken wings.

The Zodiac series has four books out, and book five will release in May, 2021. Book six is on its heels, coming in the fall of of 2021. The ebooks are in Kindle Unlimited and paperbacks can be bought on Amazon. Audiobooks for the series can be found on Amazon and Chirp.

Book 1 - Bitter Aries - released July 1, 2020

Book 2 - The Horn of Taurus, releases August 1, 2020 (Pre-order now)

Book 3 - The Gemini Paradox - releases September 1, 2020 (Pre-order now)

Book 4 - Cancer's Curse - releases October 1, 2020

Book 5 - The Pride of Leo - will release on May 1, 2021

Book 6 - Virgo's Vigilantes - will release in the fall of 2021


Something lives underneath the desert.

And it's hunting.

It was a peaceful day filled with thoughts of leaving home for college and poking around a scrap yard outside of town until Serenity Johnson comes face to face with a nightmare. Caught miles away from home when a giant beast attacks from under the desert sands, Serenity barely escapes with her life.

But her fight is just beginning.

With each attack, her despair grows until she finds Patch, the town drunk. He claims to understand the nature of the creature and is willing to help but, at every turn, someone is there to stop Serenity from accepting it.

Tired of being treated like a child and under threat from a secret government agency interested in capturing the beast, Serenity soon finds herself as they key to their plans. Refusing them isn’t an option.

A pawn in a much larger game, there appears to be no way out until Patch offers a solution. If he’s right, Serenity’s life will change forever.

There’s only one way to save everyone in town, including her family, but she will have to give up everything she knows and loves.


Fans of big monster horror will love this frightening tale.



Women are being murdered. A serial killer on the loose. One reporter with a story to tell.

Janis Herring is a pariah in Memphis’ media circles. Fired from her television job, she will do anything to get back in the game. When the city’s leading newspaper offers her a chance at redemption, she finds herself writing the hottest story the city has ever seen.

Soon fighting on all fronts. Peers are moving in to steal the story. The police are unwilling to cooperate. And now, a strange man is stalking her.

A pattern is developing in the string of murders that has Janis questioning her friends, family, and even herself.

The story of the Memphis Murders was going to re-establish her as the preeminent reporter in the city, but with the pressure mounting, will her new boss give her the chance, and will the killer give her the time?

Grab your copy and join the mystery!

12 Deaths of Christmas

12 Deaths of Christmas 1.jpg

An upscale clothing store in the middle of New York City that offers its customers more than they bargained for.

A prodigal son returns home for his aunt’s funeral, only to discover that an ancient entity awaits.

A town shelters against the first snow, and the evil it brings.

A mad king. A hired assassin. A world in the balance and an eternal force manipulating all of them.

And seven other tales of horror that will forever change the way you experience the holiday season. 

Twelve wicked tales of holiday horror to fill the long, dark nights of the season … with dread.

‘Tis the season … to die.

The perfect horror anthology for any horror fan still trying to scratch their Clive Barker "Books of Blood" itch.


Get your ebook or paperback now!

Jared Strong has been haunted by a monster since he was a boy.

He has spent his entire life chasing the demon, sacrificing all that is important to him. There are people who will do

everything they can to stop him.


How far will he go to lay his ghosts to rest?


How much is he will have to sacrifice?


Find out now. Get your copy now!

Chasing the Demon


The Plant

When Patch came home from the war he took a job at a local metalworks plant and thought he'd settle down, raise a family, and enjoy a peaceful life.

He couldn't have been more wrong.

Pick up your copy of "The Plant" today -- it's a precursor to 2019's novel, "The Scales."

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