Pro Covers, Unless You Don't Like Money

BLUF: Beating a deadened drum (This post is only for those of you making or wanting to make a living with your writing--in full or in part. All others will probably just get mad, but that's because they have different goals than those of us in this for the $$ aspect.) Book covers. Sigh. (For those of you who don't know, the podcast is based on is all about being real with writers--which I call 'empowerment through candor.' So this is going to be one of those chats.) I recently saw a post from someone whining about "other writers" telling them they had to have professionally done book covers. Sure, they were screaming into their echo chamber for validation, but it does nothing to help new aut

Interview on Alive After Reading Podcast

I recently did an interview with friend and fellow author Tim Neiderriter on his podcast Alive After Reading. We had an excellent conversation about all types of fantasy, including some insight into my process during the writing of the first four books in The Zodiac series. Be sure to give it a listen here.

Interview About Upcoming Fantasy

I recently did an interview with friend and fellow writer Dohai. We talked about Birth of a Thief, which he was so kind as to review, and what fans can expect from me in the future. Hint, hint. There's fantasy and dark stories talked about. Check out the interview here.

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