War is air. War is life. The metallic cloud of spent rounds. The thudding in your heart when the world explodes. The ripping of the air as the Klaxon screeches and the C-RAM tears apart the invasive enemy. The overwhelming frustration of boredom and the numbing of the mind. Essence flows from your soul as a river through a dry land. War is humans at their most animalistic. War is us. This… is war. Life changes in a flash. One minute, your mind is fixated on all of those moments you’re missing. Your middle school child starring in the school play, helping with homework assignments you don’t understand, a spouse having a bad day at work and just needing a sympathetic ear. Christmas morning wak

The Splendor of Writing

The closer I get to publishing my 3rd book this year, the more I realize the "to do" list will never diminish. Instead of coming at it like I will conquer it, I've got to remind myself that it's just like hiking up Mt. Rainier. One step at a time. Regardless of your publishing dreams, there will always be something to do, one more thing to learn. Publishing is like hiking a mountain. It's not always about getting to the top. It's okay to stop along the way and take in the splendor of what's around you. Now, get to work!

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