Culture of Inclusivity: Why Audio Drama Is Becoming the Space For New Voices

One of the things I have never been able to relate to is the term “I can’t.” For me, anything worth thinking about is at least worth attempting with an honest effort. I have never not tried something I wanted to do. Growing up, I met my fair share of “can’t do” people. The world is full of them. They’re usually the unmotivated types who prefer to coast through life, not putting in the sweat equity it takes to achieve something worth achieving. Those observations tainted my later perspective of the world, even as I entered the podcasting medium. If someone told me I couldn’t do something, it was all the more reason to try it. That’s not to say I’m not my own worst enemy — I can be–but I’ve ne

Want to Start a Podcast? First, Choose the Right Microphone!

(Editor Note: This article was created by Steve to be included in my upcoming book "Novel Idea to Podcast: How to Sell Books Through Podcasting." I'd like to thank Steve for his time and for offering his expertise on such a deep & helpful level. Please see the credits at the end of this article for Steve's existing and upcoming body of work, which is quite impressive. For writers looking to learn more about podcasting, keep your eyes out for the book this fall. Be notified when it goes on sale by signing up for the newsletter.) You don't need a degree in engineering to find a good mic for podcasting. What you need is a little research, a lot of patience and a firm budget. The problem most pe

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