The Big Bang - Part I (Why You Should Start an Audio Drama)

When I decided to begin creating audio drama I did it with one thing in mind, and that goal had nothing to do with becoming a published author. Back in 2015, I wanted to get into audio drama (otherwise referenced as fictional podcasting) because I noticed the immense success of shows like Welcome to Night Vale and We’re Alive. And I wanted to be part of that scene. It seemed exciting, from the outside looking in. I had been involved in podcasting for a number of years, but what I was doing was nothing remotely as fun as working in fiction. I decided to change that one fateful spring day in 2015. I wanted to play in other locations, maybe even other worlds, with new faces and the fresh ideas

What is #Cockygate and Why Should I Care?

(The following is the transcription of episode 38 of Paul Sating's Horrible Writing Podcast interview with author, screenwriter, and retired lawyer, Kevin Kneupper. Allie McCormack was kind enough to transcribe this because of the importance of the topic. I cannot thank her enough for doing this.) PAUL: Those of you who are familiar with the topic, you'll be glad to know... I have with me author, screenwriter, retired lawyer, Kevin Kneupper. He is the author of the “They Who Fell” series, and he's here to advise us, kind of walk us through, what's going on with the Cocky trademark controversy. Again, if you don't have a frame of reference, no worry, Kevin's going to get us all up to speed. K

1st Sales Milestone Achieved!

Today I sold my 50th pre-order for "Chasing the Demon!" As a new author without a single book to my name, I'm absolutely thrilled to hit this milestone! To me, at least, it shows that there is cross-over between the audio drama crowd & book buyers. If you are someone who has helped me launch my author career by reserving your copy -- thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Hell, thank you from my whole heart! Want to help me fund season 3 of Subject: Found podcast? Reserve your copy of "Chasing the Demon" today!

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