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Audio Fiction With Paul Sating is an upcoming show by author, podcaster, and blogger, Paul Sating.


What Will It Be About?


Audio Fiction will feature a variety of Paul Sating's fiction, free for the world to enjoy! Some of it, you will already know, and a lot of it will be completely new stories.

You can expect to hear long-running series of Paul's novels, short stories, and other fiction.

Will It Include Audio Dramas Too?

You bet it will!

You will get all the past episodes of Subject: Found, Who Killed Julie?, YOU, Atheist Apocalypse, Diary of a Madman, and The Stories We Tell here! Stick around and this will be your one-stop-shop for any new seasons/material from those shows.

What About Crown Of Thieves?

Crown of Thieves is a Patron-Exclusive show. The people who support me deserve something for their money, and this epic medieval fantasy is exactly their just deserts. 

If you enjoy medieval stories, CoT may just be your thing. Become a Patron and never miss an episode.

Does This Mean Feeds Are Changing?

Yes. If you subscribe to any of the podcasts listed above, you'll need to subscribe to this new link if you want to continue receiving new stories.

Will Paul's Novels Be Featured Here, In-Full?

Yes, though Paul would love for you to purchase his novels and support him so he can keep writing them, he understands that everyone's situation is different and some might not be able to. He wants those people to be able to enjoy his stories as well, and he'll use this feed to bring those stories to everyone.

Like, ALL of His Novels?

Eventually. Yeppers!

When Will The Podcast Be Live?

Fall, 2019. Stay tuned or sign up for his newsletter.

This Is Too Good To Be True

We agree.

Okay, I'm Sold. Where Do I Subscribe?

Links will be added as they go live. For now, you can get it on:

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