Writing is hard enough. Turning your fiction into audio drama (fictional podcasting) shouldn't be. You have a wonderful story and there's an already-made audience of hundreds of thousands of audio drama fans around the world who are looking for new stories to enjoy. And you, rightly, want to be part of this growth. But you've never written for audio drama before and aren't sure your script is up to industry standards.


Don't risk the most critical phase of your audio drama's life (the launch). Start off on the right foot. With over 125 episodes of fictional podcasting already released, I have the expertise to help you not repeat my mistakes of the past. Over a million and a half published words later, I've uncovered some of the truths and untruths of writing for audio drama. And now you can benefit from all the things I did wrong, along with many of the things I've done right.


I offer a range of editing and review services for writers looking to get into audio drama. Pick the package that works best for you & let's work together to get your story ready for the podcast world!

Package Type                              Price               Description


1st Page review                           $15                A review of the first page of your script, focusing on tempo and structure for a

                                                                          successful launch. I will provide detailed feedback.

Episode Structure review            $50                Read, review, & feedback of one (any) episode up to 3,000 words. Will identify

                                                                          structure/plot/characterization strengths and areas for focus. I will provide

                                                                          detailed feedback.